Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alone time or something like that...

I marvel at the people who claim to get alone time (and there not all crazy cat lady's) because in my world there is no such thing as being alone. In fact, like most mom's I can't even go to the bathroom without 3 little people following me, trying to help me wipe, flushing the toilet (while I am still on it), trying to sit on my lap, or wave good bye to my pee. I often have to lock myself in my room and than the bathroom just to have 5 seconds to myself, and yes, I do use the bathroom in a literal 5 seconds because outside the door all hell is breaking loose!

The moments I do take for myself often end in me cleaning up some large mess or questioning the kids as to whether they actually ingested some substance or if they dumped it in their favorite spot behind the couch. This spot has seen various spices, baking powder, toothpaste and nail polish remover in the last week, just to name a few. Kids are such creatures of habit, you would think I would learn the habits so I could be one step ahead!

Most recently while I took a moment to check the computer, the boys took off the floor vent cover in our living room, only a few feet behind me, and proceeded to empty there bladder in to it.... I need to screw/ duct tape/ glue those vents to the floor! I was alerted to their actions when I heard a running water sound behind me, I jumped and yelled at them to stop! They looked up at me and said, look mommy peepee like Daddy! My response? When did you ever see your father pee in the vent and if you did Daddy is going to have some big explaining to do! So for the second time this week I have found myself cleaning pee out of an air vent, did I say I really need to screw those things down?  No alone time found during the day!

So I put the kids to bed and before I get excited about being alone, I realize I am still not alone, my husband is still here. This I am not complaining about ( well not most days), I love my husband and love being with him! He loves being with me too (or else!!!!). We  differ though on what it means to spend time together, he is happy to call being passed out on the couch with his head on my shoulder spending time. As for me, I prefer something more than a corpse to spend time with and if you have ever seen my husband sleep, that is exactly what he looks like. So most nights I move his head and scooch out to take that much needed alone time, only to find the dog wanting attention! At this point I have had enough, so I wake the dead and march him off to bed and follow after. Still not alone... I don't get it, when is this alone time ever going to happen!!! Oh yeah, early in the morning when I am hitting the snooze button because I stayed up late... Forget it!

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