Friday, August 12, 2011

FF: Unidentified Mess Spray

I try to be very health and environmentally safe when it comes to cleaning products. I feel like if a cleaning product makes me feel sick, lightheaded, or my kids can't eat it than it is not something we will keep in the house. This has essentially eliminated almost every cleaning product on the market, or if they fit this criteria they want $10 bucks for a pea sized container, which definitely does not fit in my skinny budget.

So I have started making my own Vinegar spray. It is simple to make, cheap and totally edible! ( yes, my kids have eaten it) Plus it's not bad for the environment!

Recipe for Unidentified Mess Spray:

All you need is water and vinegar ( I just use the cheap off brand vinegar). I use a recycled spray bottle but you can buy one at a hardware/ dollar store ( make sure you clean it out well before mixing your spray, and don't ever use a bottle that contained bleach, we don't want you to poison yourself!)

I use 50-70% Vinegar depending on my intended use, and straight vinegar is best for super disinfecting. So just fill your spray bottle with your preferred amount of vinegar and than add water.
Mark the bottle, so you don't forget and your done!

The cost break down is:
$2.50 1 Gal Vinegar
$.10? Water
$0-1.50 Bottle
per bottle cost $.35!

Here is a link I found with different  uses for vinegar ( I use this in my laundry also!)

Have a great and clean weekend!


  1. Vinegar is one of my favorite cleaners too! I keep a full strength spray bottle down in the cat room for when one of them misses the box and most people can't tell we have anywhere from 3-6 cats (depending on how many fosters we have at the time).

  2. Vinegar is the best! It keeps people from knowing how many kids we have in the house ;) *Side note* That's awesome you guys foster cats!!

  3. It is a godsend for getting urine smells out of peed on bed sheets from potty training kiddos! 1/2 cup vinegar into the fab. softner cycle! love it!