Monday, August 15, 2011

My diaper deal

Alright, I am super excited about my diaper purchase today, is it sad that I am hyped up about buying diapers? I know some of you have managed to get diapers for free, but I am just not that skilled no matter how hard I try!

So I recently ( even though it has been around forever) discovered Amazon Mom and there subscribe and save deals... So basically you just search for the size diapers you need and than look for the best deal, I prefer Huggies or Pampers because I don't have good luck with cheap diapers. Today I got a 192 count Pampers Baby Dry for $25.49 (this works out to be $.13 a diaper) shipped right to my door!!!!!

This is what my transaction looked like:

First Delivery Summary

Shipping & Handling:$0.00
Your Coupon Savings:-$1.00
Subscription Discount:-$13.50

Total Before Tax:$30.49
Estimated Tax To Be Collected:$0.00
Gift Certificate/Card:-$5.00

Order Total: $25.49

Steps to cheap diaper success:

First step: Become an Amazon Mom member

Second step: Find Diapers!

Third step: Select Subscribe and Save option ( after your diapers are delivered you can opt out of your schedule shipments, this is best to do because the price does fluctuate).

Fourth Step: Clip the virtual coupon!

Fifth step: Checkout, as you can see I used a $5 gift card, I got this by searching and completing surveys at Swagbucks (Check out the widget at the top of my page).

Sixth step: Wait impatiently for diapers to be delivered to my door! ( love that they come to my door and I don't even have to leave my house)

<------- Here are the diapers I got for my daughter.

If you have any great diaper buying tips I would love to hear about them! Just leave a comment here on my facebook page!

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