Monday, October 3, 2011

Eating Out on the Cheap

                This was from a wonderful night out at an Ethiopian restaurant where I paid full price but it was so worth it!

I loooooooove food and I can eat a ton of it! Most people look at me and underestimate my eating power, let's just say I can out eat my husband any day, well unless I am sick or it's a candy eating contest or... Anyways, we have a weekend ritual of going out to eat, and after our Panera debacle I was determined to save money and actually fill my stomach this time.

And that is where great advertising steps in, aka Olive Gardens never ending pasta bowl deal! I don't know about where you live but $8.95 for a bowl of pasta that I can refill as many times as I want plus bread and salad, and I don't have to cook sounds like a steal to me! To sweeten it even more I had a $4 off two entree coupons! We went and we conquered,  everyone walked out of there with a full belly and our pockets still somewhat full. Son A helped the cause by eating a kids pizza, 4 bread sticks and 2 plates of salad, he really knows how to get his money's worth! 

Of course a night out wouldn't be complete without some classic behavior from the A and B, on our walk into the restaurant we had to jump onto the sidewalk, touch the grass, touch the leaves, attempt to steal some rocks, look for bees and than cry because their were "scary" people in there! Okay, the people were a little freaky I have to admit, but being the adult I didn't think it was appropriate to start crying too.

Later the people ended up sitting behind us and B couldn't pull his eyes away from them, which is always super awkward for those being starred at and those trying to keep the kids from starring. "Please stop starring at the weird people behind us, even though I probably wouldn't be able to help myself either if my back wasn't to them." Who came up with social etiquette anyways, don't they know it would have been easier if we were just allowed to stare? 

*I feel I can make the above statement because having twins puts you on freak show status and people just unabashedly stare at you and make comments within hearing distance (I am seriously amazed at what people will say out loud).*

 To top off the awkward staring, both of the boys drank a whole cup of juice in the first 5 minutes which led to a serious sugar high and using the seats as a trampoline. Hope the people behind us wanted a ride with their meal! 

Our night was much more filling and cost us about the same as Panera, so I will chalk this one up to a success!


  1. I love a good deal on food, especially the Olive Garden!

  2. I have a toddler and can feel you on the sugar high.

  3. I love your blog's name!!

    I don't know how old your twins are, but my 8 & 10 yr old boys still act like that... grabbing rocks, grass, anything and everything... and they still try to stare and stuff too. Just thought you'd like to know that age doesn't change them much LOL