Monday, September 12, 2011

A confession...

I have a confession to make... And I honestly have not wanted to share this because I am so embarrassed. But I feel I must share so that you don't all think I am perfect. So here it goes.

I paid full price for dinner out Saturday night at a nice little bread + sandwich place, that I am sure many of you know and love, and so do did I.

When they rang up the bill and I saw the total I about passed out, I have not payed that much for a dinner for all of us in a long time. To add to my misery when my husband brought our food to the table I discovered that they had shrunk their portion sizes down considerably since the last time I had eaten there. My kids each received half, yes half, a sandwich and a yogurt... $4 only buys my kids half a sandwich now!

I was so upset with the amount of money I allowed us to spend on a meal and the size of my kids meals, that I didn't even enjoy my own food! : (

The food was good (I am pretty sure my soup was watered down) and we had fun as a family, so I guess that out weighs anything else, right?

On the upside, my craving for P***** bread was satisfied and I no longer have any desire to eat there again! Sorry, I just can't afford you right now, especially since your cutting back on your love too!

I wanted to share this with you not because I want to give a company a bad name but because I wanted to let you know, I am not a super saver everday and sometimes I throw my money into the trash pay full price for things.

Hopefully you all had a better weekend and saved tons of money! Feel free to share your weekend deals!

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  1. Oooh, sorry! That is no good. I have only eaten breakfast there lately, I didn't know they had cut down the portion size.

    Last night we went to Golden Corral. It is buffet, so you don't have to worry about them cutting back on portion sizes. But ka-ching, ka-ching just the same. Also, apparently we went to the wrong one. It was new last time we were there, but it has gone downhill fast. It will be a while before we do that again. :(