Friday, September 9, 2011

Frugal Friday: Ink yourself

Okay, so this post is not on giving yourself a tattoo, though I think we all know this is entirely possible, but not an intelligent idea. I prefer to stick my needles in cloth or in this case ink cartridges!

With all my online coupon printing and ebay shipping I go through a lot of ink, and it is very expensive. So I thought to myself THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER  WAY!!!!!!!!!! ( said in a very dramatic voice) No, really I save money on everything else so why am I still paying full price for ink?

I did the research and I discovered that I can fill my own ink cartridges for a lot less than a new one! I got a kit to fill my cartridges ( both color and black) at least 3x for $8 shipped. I normally pay $14 at Walmart for one black ink cartridge.

I was a little leery about the whole process and wasn't sure if I would be able to do it or if it would work. But it did I am very satisfied with the results. I took some pictures to show how easy it is!

Step 1) Your tools of the trade: Ink, syringe and cartridge.

Step 2) Protect your work area: Some left over napkins from McDonald's worked great! Peel back label to expose holes ( you should read the directions first so you know which hole the ink goes in).

Step 3) Fill syringe with ink and be careful because the ink tended to drip back out. (I don't think I could work as a hand model...)

Step 4) Insert syringe into sponge and very very slowly fill. You will need to wait at least 30 minutes before using the cartridge. My kit only had one needle so I just have to rinse out between uses, but not a big deal. Insert back into printer and your done!

Quick Tips: Filling the color cartridge is the same deal but your repeat step 3 +4  three times.
You are supposed to refill the cartridge before it runs dry otherwise the dried ink will clog it and it won't print.
I tried refilling a dried up cartridge just to see if it would work and after a week of the inking sitting in there it started working! So you may or may not have the same luck!

This is where I purchased my kit, but I encourage you to search and see if you can find a better deal!

Good luck with all your inking needs, and please don't try any home tattooing!

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