Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Clutter with a capital C

I am a clutter Queen, if there is a place to leave clutter I will find it. As a teenager, I often argued the point that the floor really was a giant shelf, wish I could say that I still didn't use it as a shelf. Three months worth of laundry to put away, anyone?

Here are some pictures I took today,

Right now I try to clear all these spaces at least once a week... like when I  know people are coming over.

But my goal for the month is to keep these areas cleared everyday and to just put the stuff away immediately!

I have been using The Fly Lady to help me out, and it has at least gotten me putting in some time, but my house needs much more time! I lack the motivation, which is why I posted this, now I have the whole world wondering if I cleared my clutter ( Okay, well maybe not the whole world but at least a few readers).

Anyone want to join me in my anti-clutter endeavor?


  1. My Clutter Cutting Advice: THROW IT AWAY!!!! If you don't use it on a REGULAR BASIS, let it go. You will feel amazing afterwards. Trust me.

  2. Haha. I like what Lindsay said. But remember to recycle or give your stuff to re-uzit like store! I think making a check list and seeing everything crossed off is rewarding. It helps to make it a challenge... Like if I keep my kitchen table clean for a week then I can buy flowers to put on my table. It makes it fun and rewarding. And hopefully you will just get in the habit of putting things away after a week

  3. I have been getting rid of stuff instead of finding a new home and it has been so nice not to have to clean it up anymore!

    Hannah you are a baby genius, when are you going to get a blog?