Thursday, October 6, 2011

Support The Troops Thanksgiving style

With my husband being a proud member of the Air Force the military and those serving overseas are always close to my heart, so when I saw this blog post today it caught my attention.

Basically the post is about sending Thanksgiving cards to troops serving in the desert and whether or not you are a "pretender or a sender" or in other words will you actually send a card or just say your thankful for their service.

As a family we spent three Thanksgivings and Christmas's overseas (Surprise! Not every troop that serves overseas is in Afghanistan. There are thousands of families that live all over the world because of their husband/ wives job in the military) and the holidays were an especially hard time being so far from family, plus the Brits (or an other country) don't celebrate T-day so it feels even stranger. I know the packages or cards sent from home always made the holidays a little bit warmer for us, so I want to pass that love along.

The aforementioned blogger is sending his cards to troop through "The Bert Show," I have not listened to the show but their site didn't seem offensive, I think they are broadcast in Atlanta, Georgia? What I know is they are sending cards to the troops for Thanksgiving and I want to help out! The kids all colored pictures, even "baby" C left her scribbles of gratitude, and I wrote a little note. My hope is the pictures will at least get a good laugh, if not encourage the men and women. Hopefully they will know that there are people who do appreciate them and everything they are fighting for because encouragement is essential to the moral. 

My request of you is to consider sending a Thanksgiving note to the men and women who are out serving your country. Even if you don't support their mission you can support the human behind the mission.

Here is the website with all the information:


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