Friday, July 22, 2011

Are you Faking Posh?

So you must be wondering by now, what the heck is Posh!? And why would you be faking it? To quote the definition of posh from,
1. smart, elegant, or fashionable; exclusive: posh clothes
2. upper-class or genteel
3. in a manner associated with the upper class: to talk posh 

This term is commonly used in England, which is where I picked it up ( for those of you who don't know, we just came back from a 3yr tour in the UK), and now I use it to determine all kinds of decisions.  Like when deciding on a sunglasses, "Do these make me look posh or not?" Or even cars," Do I look Posh in here?" I hope to grow old and become that "exotic old posh lady"!
Most days I have to fake my poshness and all the money behind it. Because the only thing in large quantities in my house right now are poopy diapers. And most people are unwilling to trade their Maserati for poopy diapers!
So I have taken it upon myself to try to come up with ways to try and support my desire for nice things and to bring some civilization to my man dominated household!
Here within these pages I will share my battle against money, self and others to become a posh person! Not unlike my role model the Posh Radio 4 Lady ( she is a staple on BBC radio 1 because of her "posh voice".... 

Well that about wraps up for tonight! Make sure you enter into my mascara giveaway by leaving a comment on my Suprise! blog post!

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  1. This is great! Hilarious, I love it! I love faking posh as well and am looking forward to more great ideas on how to accomplish fake posh.