Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Emperors New Clothes

This is was one of my favorite short stories by Hans Christian Anderson as a child and I have often thought to myself how nice it would be to be the Emperor in this story. I would love to be so powerful that I could convince people I was wearing clothes! Or at least have enough self confidence to belong to a nudest colony!

Why in the world you ask would I wish such a thing? Because buying cloths has become a money sucking and demoralizing experience. Let's face it, things are getting more expensive and our checks are getting smaller. Plus 3 growing children seem to take precedence of my own personal wardrobe (who would have thought little boys underwear could be so expensive, $10 for 5!). But I have hope for you, I have found a way to replenish my wardrobe without having to pay for it!

My secret to accomplishing this is not really a secret.. it's Ebay! Okay, I am not going to make you an Ebay millionaire but I will tell you how I pay for my shopping habit ;)

Step 1: Decide on a clothing brand- Name brand items sell the best, I personally stick with Gap because they sell very well. I also opened a Gap charge because you save 15% off your first purchase (ONLY DO THIS IF YOU WILL PAY IT RIGHT AWAY!!!). When you spend a set amount they also send you $10 bucks in rewards which means FREE clothes!

Step 2: Buy clothes- I go right to the clearance rack, avoid the rest of the store like the plague! I only buy items that work out to be $3.50 or less. And I never spend more than $35, so that means I can get 10 items for my $35. I also look for items with "special" fabrics like silk, wool, or cashmere. Men's items also go fast. If I find something I like on the clearance rack I keep it for myself and let the rest of my clothes pay for it!

Step 3: Setup Ebay account: Setup your account, you can list 50 items a month for free!

Step 4: Take clear pictures and make sure you calculate the Ebay .09% fee into the list and shipping price! USPS has a flat rate priority envelope that you can stuff whatever you want into it for $4.75!

Step 5:  Sit back and reap the rewards! My item was paid for and I got my shopping fix without having to spend a dime!

I have managed to make a small amount of money by selling clothes but it has definitely been with trial and error, so if you are serious about doing this spend sometime researching how to sell on Ebay. And I can also answer questions.

So, I will leave the Nudist's to their colonies and put my clothes back on, thanks to the clearance section and the Ebay world!

Till next time my clothes loving friends!

These are a few items I have picked up all for $3.50 or less!


  1. This is soo helpful, thnkas so much for sharing! I am unemployed and really should be doing EBAY, this was the motivation I needed!

  2. I am really glad I provided some motivation! And I hope you make some money!