Monday, July 18, 2011

I forgot the cash, so who's washing dishes?

Everyday I wish cooked food could be bartered for.... I loathe cooking, cleaning, dishes... well pretty much any "household chore"... (I am pretty sure I was a Princess in another life) And so we often find ourselves on the receiving end of those restaurant bills. I have tried to pay with kids but no one seems to want a pair of twins!

So I have devised ways to pay less when we eat out.

Find out if the restaurant has a club/rewards/ e-mail program.
Qdoba for example has a great program, you get free chips, salsa and soda just for signing up. And then every time you eat there you rack up rewards, which can be used to pay for meals. Ihop also does free meals on your birthday!

If you have kids, find out if any restaurants do a Kids Eat Free Night. Chili's puts out a coupon for free kids meals every once in awhile, and in fact they are doing it tomorrow, so just click here and print out your coupon!

Holidays, are the prime time for cheap/ free meals! Just Google "Freebies for Father's Day" and a whole list of various freebies for the day will show up.

Dining out of your home can be a rapid weight loss experience for your wallet, but hopefully with some of these tips you can find your wallet just a little bit heavier!

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  1. We LOVE the places with free kids nights. We also have an entertainment book they are more than worth the cost after a few uses ( you can find deals for them also). They have coupons for resturants, musuems, movie theaters ect.