Thursday, July 21, 2011

I want to break free, from my groceries!

Alright all my peoples out there, listen up! If you are spending money on grocery's STOP! You don't need to be throwing your hard earned money away on the necessity's of life! Well, I guess you are keeping yourselves alive, so that's not really throwing away your money........Anyways back to my point: Your grocery bill should not be eating into your life savings, You should be clipping your coupons.
I know what your thinking, "that's too much work, I don't have time to sit around cut coupons out." Let me tell, you need to make time! I save any average of 50% on my grocery bill a week, and with really good planning I have saved 75%! Between the rising gas and food prices, a mortgage, and a car payment, every penny counts in my house. So instead of taking on another job I clip coupons!

With the birth of the Internet a re-birth of couponing has happened, no longer do you have to round up weekly ads, searching for the sales that match your coupons or even try to remember what coupons you have. They have websites that give you your weekly "Coupon Match-ups." A couple of my personal favorites are :
You can do a search for your local store also by searching " grocery store name + coupon match up." These sites list the current deals and the corresponding coupons (if there is one). Some of the coupons are printable online and some will come in your Sunday paper. These sites often have many tutorials on couponing so if this is your first time, check them out!

Some Quick Tips:

  • Did you know Target and many other stores will let you use a store and a manufacturers coupon on one item.
  • Many local grocery stores double coupons.
  • Check up on the stores current coupon policy, so your not embarrassed at the checkout.
  • Plan! Plan your meals and your grocery store trips, this will cut down on impulse buys!
  • Stockpile! If something is free or cheap, buy what you will need for the next month or even year!
  • Shop weekly or at least check the match ups for the week, you never know when a deal for your favorite deodorant might pop-up!
  • Don't buy things you are not going to use, no matter how the good deal!
An example of a Target store coupon + Manufacturers coupon deal:
 Tonight I used a Target $1 off coupon on a bottle of shampoo and Manf. coupon for $3.00 off a styling product when you buy a shampoo. 
So my deal looked like this: $2.84 shampoo - $1 cp. + $2.84 styling product - $3.00 cp.= $1.68 for 2 bottles or $.84 each! 

I know at first it can seem overwhelming and complicated but, once you get going you will catch on quick! And soon you will have a nice stockpile! 

This is my stockpile after 4 months, I have enough body wash to last at least 9 months and most of it I only payed tax on!

I hope you learned something new tonight or at least sparked your interest!

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