Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Become.com Review!

Okay, I love to shop but before I do I like to compare prices at different stores. I always want the best price on the product I am buying and so I often google things to compare prices. But Become.com is way better than google, it has every product you can think of from end table’s to window fans, and it lists the price for every store you can purchase that exact product from!

For example, you can look for something as random as “Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn-419” and it pulls up a list of all the stores including online stores that offer that exact product and it’s price! Plus it gives you customer reviews and a list of similar products, so that you know exactly what your buying and what others thought about the product. I personally am a fan of user reviews and they greatly influence my purchase, so I think it’s great they have the review right under the product description!

A search for a corner bookcase brings up a list where I can search by brand, material, color, store, user rating, etc.! If I am not sure what type of corner bookcase I am looking for I can also “research” it by using the research button.

Become.com is a great resource for all those savvy buyers who want to make sure they are getting the best for their money! And don't forget to checkout their online coupon section! I will definitely be using become.com for all my shopping comparisons!

* This is a paid review but this is my personal opinion and thoughts on the product and they are no way influenced by the advertiser.*

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