Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Houdini Reincarnated

If I believed in reincarnation I believe that Houdini has been brought back in the form of my sons. They have gotten out of/into more impossiable situations than any children I know!

For example at 3 months figuring out how to get their arms out of the tightly wrapped swaddle blankets (the kind with Velcro, that I am pretty sure I couldn't get out of). This was impressive because the boys were just about the size and strength of a month old baby at this point.

We have bought various child proofing things like door knob covers. I can't get those things off to save my life but those little boys invented a way with a belt to pop them off in a matter of seconds! What child thinks to themself  "If I wrap this belt around here and pull just like this, the lock will pop off and I am home free" ?!?
This has led to finding them in near disaster situations and making a disaster of their sisters room (unpacking several totes full of clothes and things!) when I thought the room or them was secure.

Or their was the most recent escape out of my backyard, which should be completely child proof with it's 6 foot high fence! Even the gate is almost nearly impossible to open (for me) but apparently not for my little boys! I had turned the kids loose in the yard to get a couple of things done in the house, but not before I double checked the gate!

I went back inside and began trying to get stuff done while keeping an eye on them ( we have two large picture windows that look right out into the backyard, so I can see them at all times).

The yard got quite and so I immediately ran out to see what was going on.... no boys... gate open... no one in the front yard.... panic started to set in... I was yelling for them but they were nowhere to be found!

That's when my sort of neighbor poked his head out of his garage and asked if I was looking for the boys because he thought he heard something in his yard.... Yes, there in his backyard were my two Little tiggies! "Look Mom it's a little house! Can I play?"

*sigh* I sometimes wonder if I am going to make to 40 or if my heart is going to fail me before than! I could go on and on with their incredible escapes ( I could probably fill a book) but I have proven my point, my kids are going to be doing their own magic show in Las Vegas by 10. And I better watch out for them when they are teenagers...locking them in their room won't be an option!

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