Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brushed Your Hair Today?

 Do you remember the days when you could spend hours getting ready just to go to the grocery store/ school/ work?  I couldn't even wrap my mind around how people could get ready in anything less than two hours! Now, it has become a different story...

I love to look good and I had wonderful dreams of meeting my husband at the door everyday fully made up and in a super cute outfit... but the reality of having three kids set in and most days I wonder if I brushed my hair. How did I get here? I use to marvel at how those mothers could just let themselves go, don't they care? Or own a mirror? Now, I understand. Yes, I have a mirror and I really do care, but my kids don't and they work to sabotage my beautification attempts.

That great outfit I put on this morning, ya know the one before the last one, is now on the bottom of the laundry pile and I am down to whatever is left. My makeup which I so carefully put on, has been lost to tears (over another cup of spilled milk), the spilled milk, and being poked in the eye. My hair which was nicely brushed and pulled back is now a rats nest, filled with stickiness from kids fingers and a knot I am pretty sure I am going to have to cut out from my son "cutting" my hair with his electric toothbrush.

Because of the obvious waste of time my morning routine has been turned into something a little bit shorter...

 I can't even imagine having two hours worth of getting ready to do now!  A quick shower and some mascara (this is always a necessity for me with blonde eyelashes) complete my beauty routine, oh and brush my teeth/ hair. My outfit selection has to meet two criteria now, something that will show the least amount of stains and will not put me on the list of people who have had wardrobe malfunctions, which could happen when the kids get crazy and start pulling on my shirt. Trust me being out to dinner and having your 5 month old pull down your top because she is hungry is not the kind of "tip" your waiter wanted you to leave.

Sure this may not have been my dream ( which was to be a super hot Mom at all times) but this is reality. And thankfully I have a wonderful  husband who still loves me and tells me I am beautiful even when I haven't showered. Now that is really true love!

Me pre- kids = lot's of time to get ready....

Me after 3 kids = No time at all! I may not be so cute but look at those baby faces!


  1. I love the look on Cianahs face in your pic! I totally relate to everything you're saying!

  2. mine are 6-4-08 :) So thankful we didn't have to be prego's in the summer with twins!

  3. I just came across your blog today while reading "Life's Little Surprises." I am now your newest follower!

    I think you look even better in the second pic, not because of your hair, but because you are smiling!! You look very happy, no matter how much time you took to get ready.

  4. @Lindsay- I know her face is hilarious! Being a Mom is not what I thought it would be!

    @Shannon- So grateful not to have summer babies! I thought I was going to have a heat stroke in february ;)

    @April- Awesome so glad your here! And thank you, I agree that happiness is more beautiful than nice hair.