Thursday, August 25, 2011

Somethings are (worth their) debt

My husband and I are working on getting out of debt for what feels like the billionth time... I am pretty sure I could have payed cash for my car and a sizeable down payment on our house with all the money we have used to pay down/off debt. But alas we have not been able to do that and I have basically nothing to show for the debt we have accumulated.

What I do have is a million excuses as to why we keep getting into debt and they are pretty good ones like...  moving every 2 years maximum or having to buy all new major appliances because we had borrowed/ bought UK appliances (we lived in England for 3 years) and they just don't work in the states. I could go on and on, like I said I have got a million (too bad I don't get a dollar for each).

If I had known what I know now we might not be in this situation, but we are, and I just happen to be one of those "live and learn" type of people. When will I learn to listen to people so I can avoid these problems!!!

And why did I waste my money in my youth! Oh, if only I had a time machine.

But we are wising up and now we are super committed to be getting out of debt! We have buckled down and tried to find extra money in every nook and crannie. My work horse of a husband has even taken on a second job working on a farm (not as a horse). I have cut most corners, but I confess there are some that I am unwilling not sure would be beneficial in the long run.

One corner still intact is our car... this is killing our budget right now because we elected to pay off our loan in five years (good for saving money, bad for the budget). We have contemplated selling it and cutting our losses but it just seems like a temporary solution, as we will have to replace it and take out another loan, and face a car that may break down (we have gone through 5 cars in 3 years). Maybe I am being silly and I should just let the car go... ask me in four years if it was worth it.

Being frugal and saving money is overrated wonderful and even if I didn't have debt I would still try to do things inexpensively. No, really it is we have managed to pay off  $10,000 in the last 6 months (this has not come from our paycheck but has been extra money we have gotten... oh how nice would it be to that money now, I would be super posh...oh, wait I just said I would save money even if we didn't need to... darn).

When all this money junk gets overwhelming my Mom always reminds me that it's God's money and if He wants to spend it on car repairs, than I just need to let it go.
 Maybe not backed by scripture perfectly but hey it makes me feel better! Be encouraged times are hard but debt sucks more, so put on your big boy pants and start tackling it and don't feel like you have to give up everything!


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