Friday, August 26, 2011

Frugal Friday: Hamburger Helper Stretched

Confession: I love Hamburger Helper! Seriously, I love the cheesy calorie packed goodness in all it's processed glory.

But I am also a guilty eater...after eating a bowl of some thing I have deemed "bad" I feel horrible about and it ruins the whole thing.  Sometimes I wonder why I have to be so ridiculous!

Because of this I have tried to healthify traditional hamburger helper.

I use one box of hamburger helper, which can be almost infinitely stretched in this dish, and ground turkey instead of hamburger ( for a vegetarian version you can substitute black bean or a soy product).

Make as directed but substitute Almond, Rice, or Coconut milk  for cow milk, I have tried them all and my favorite is actually the almond milk! Or you can even skip the milk ( I know I am crazy but it tastes just the same)!

And now the money saving part, instead of using multiple boxes to feed my family I just add my own whole grain noodles. I usually can get a box of noodles cheaper than two more boxes of HH. You will need to add extra water... I can't tell you much but I would start with half a cup and just monitor it as it simmers so that it doesn't get dry.

After adding the noodles I add a vegetable, some favorites are spinach or broccoli. The kids complain less when there vegetables are covered in cheese!

Sorry, I don't have a picture of the finished product, I realized after I started that my husband ate all my spinach....

My approximate costs:
Hamburger Helper- .$90
Milk- $.25- $.50
Noodles- $.99
Vegetable- $.50- $1
Water- ?
Total cost for a meal for 5 = $3.39

Cheap and healthier, my two favorite words when cooking! If you were really crafty and made your own hamburger helper it could be even cheaper!

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