Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girls will be Girls and Boys will be Boys!

Yesterday I had a friend and her new baby boy over for lunch and all three kids were instantly in love.  They each showed the baby love in their own ways, A wanted to give kisses, B gave him a toy, and C watched over him. C surprised me the most with her reaction which was to just kneel down and stare at the baby, I thought I would have to pull her off him, but she didn't even try to touch!
At one point she turned around and went, "ug, ug, ug?" Which is hug in C language, I told her no and she just turned around and continued to stare.

I know that some people believe that we teach children to be a boy or a girl but I believe a lot of their tendencies are natural. The older C gets the more she gravitates to baby dolls and dressing up, and with two older brothers this has been surprising to me.

I expected her to play with cars and dinosaurs because that was what she saw her remodels playing with, but the first thing she picks up is a baby doll! And those dolls go everywhere!

C is definitely developing the skills to be a great mommy! But I think it is also important all three kids develop some skills that may be to some people considered outside of there gender. I will expect my sons to be able to cook clean, and do the laundry just as well as C, and I expect C to be able to mow the lawn, change a tire, and make minor home repairs. I think it is important that kids learn how to be a responsible adult and to take care of themselves, no matter their sex.

I was raised to do everything from cooking to hanging drywall, and I am so grateful that my Mom taught me all those things!  I like knowing that if anything ever happened to my husband *God forbid* that I know how to take care of myself and I don't have to worry about how to change my tire or manage my money.

I want my boys to grow up and be great providers for their families and my daughter to be a wonderful mommy but I want them to know how to handle whatever life may throw at them!

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