Monday, September 19, 2011

Things I hate to pay for... Music

I hate to pay for music, seriously, being a child of the Napster generation aka free legal music, I find it very difficult to bring myself to pay $15 for a cd, no matter how amazing the artist. Sorry, music industry! But I also do not think it is right to pirate music, I mean how else will the artist become millionaires if they can't sell their music? Oh, yeah I forgot you have to sell your soul now to go to concert.  I have put myself in quite a little pickle here, not wanting to pay for something but not wanting to steal either....

Oh, but I have devised a way to get my music for free! I like to call it music scavenging. Did you know that at least once a week someone does some type of music mix freebie? Last week I got 10 top ten songs for.... free! And I did it totally legally! Sometimes the music isn't something I would listen to but there is usually at least one song I like.

 Or sometimes you just trigger a random gift card, like I did this week at amazon which got me a $5 MP3 gift card! ( Don't ask me what triggered this deal because I have no idea!) Still super sweet!

Now this method will most likely not work for the music connoisseur but for the average listener like me, it works great and I don't have to worry about doing jail time! So google, follow and watch for mix list freebies, you never know what treasure you may find!


  1. Awesome! Thanks. I am a big fan of for free music.

  2. I forgot about Pandora when I was writing this! They are a great source of free music!