Friday, September 16, 2011

Frugal Friday: Airport parking

Since we do not live near our family we travel fairly often, we haven't lived within 2,000 miles of them since Dustin joined the Air Force. Yes, there are a lot of tears when I have to remove the grand babies from their Grandmothers arms, tears because they will miss them and tears from me because there won't be anymore breaks.

Traveling with three kids means we need to spend the least amount of time in air as possible, this is so our fellow flying mates don't throw us out as all the other passengers hoorah. Due to our new living location a cheap  non-stop flight is a 3 hr car ride away.... $600 cheaper is worth the trip. This scenario only works if I don't have to pay an arm and a leg in parking fees though, so I stumbled upon Park Sleep Fly.( I am not being payed to say this, wish I were...)

For an overnight stay at a hotel, complimentary shuttle, and parking on site for however long I need = $60! Some places even have a complimentary breakfast, but all our flights have been too early to take advantage of this *sad face*.

I priced this out compared to parking at the airport and it saved me at least $60 in parking fees!

My saving calculations look like this:

Flying out of OKC:  
Plane tickets:$1720 
Parking: free at my home
Total: $1720

Flying out of DFW:  
Plane ticket: $920
Gas: $100 ( depending on the price of gas)
Hotel & Parking: $60
Breakfast: $4 ( brought from home)
Total: $1084
Savings: $636

Check out Park Sleep Fly or google off airport parking and see if you can find cheaper parking!

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