Thursday, September 15, 2011

One of those days... again.

Do you ever have on of those days where you "lose it" ( not sure I have much left to lose these days) and make a quick decision and than maybe regret it later?

Well yesterday was a day of losing it and than making a decision I am not sure I am completely happy with.

In the morning I was greeted by two little boys smelling like they had just been swimming in the sewer. Can we say diaper EXPLOSION!?! To deal with them I brought out the "last resort" aka the shower because no wipe was going to get that poop off!

Because of the amount of poop on them I knew there would be some in the room to clean up, but I left that for the moment and proceeded to get my daughter up. Only to be greeted by her sitting in the middle of a poop mess reading her book.... What is up with the poop thing this week!

And than there was round 2 of shower time.

After I finally got everyone settled, I headed to check out the damage in the boys room... Oh, yes there was poop, so I began to scrub and pile things to be washed. When I got to the second spot of poop on the carpet I looked up and noticed that there wasn't a couple of dirty spots, there were actually a couple of clean spots. 

Now it's disgusting to clean up poop but after having done this for the last two years on a weekly basis, there is very little that phases me. The gross factor isn't the problem, it's the cleaning in general. So I made a decision...

Yes, I ripped out there carpet. Thinking back this may have not been the best decision but I have had enough of scrubbing poop out of carpet! And to avoid more hours of cleaning and having my kids room smell like a zoo, it had to be done. Now before you think I went completely crazy, the carpet was going to be ripped out but not until I had something to replace it. 

The boys response to their naked floor, A: " I love my carpet! Why you take my carpet! I love my carpet!" and B: "You take my carpet and put it in the trash?! The floor is cold mommy. I like my carpet!"

They'll get over it and thankfully my husband didn't freak out! But now I need to come up with another flooring alternative that doesn't cost money.

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  1. I do not blame you! I would maybe go to a thrift store in the area and see if you can find a large area rug for inexpensive until you are ready to replace their floor. It won't matter to much what it looks like since it is just temporary and it is in the kids room. I can't think of any free flooring options but it would be cheap.