Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Martha and Me

Yesterday, Martha Stewart and I had a mind meld ( If your not a Star Trek fan, this means we shared thoughts) and she gave me the idea to put half a lemon down my garbage disposal.

It actually made a lovely lemon scent, instead of a disgusting rotten smell. Yeah, I occasionally forget for a couple days to run the garbage disposer(al)?. I never had one before, what can I say?

Okay, back to my Martha Stewart moment, she would have been so proud of me throwing my rotten brand new lemon down there and flipping the switch.... I than even managed to wipe down all my cupboards and refrigerator and load the dishwasher!

I was rocking the kitchen cleaning today!

But than I got distracted with trying to organize my yard sale ( let's hope it pays for the permit!) and sent the boys to play in their room across the hall....

Well, apparently the nanny was taking a nap during this time ( those nanny's never paying attention to my kids when they need to be!!!!) because the boys decided to make their bedroom a bathroom... I'll leave the rest of the description to your imagination because my gag reflex is still a little sensitive.

Well my Martha Stewart wonder of a moment came crashing down and I spent another 30 minutes of my life scrubbing, wondering when the boys will think the toilet is cool. I should tell you that I whipped out my super awesome vinegar spray and saved a ton of money on car insurance, but alas I did not because I am sucker for a coupon, nice packaging, and a great scent, so instead I pulled out the all natural spray I just bought.

The spray worked good but I felt guilty for spending the money... Oh, well.

So Martha,we started out great, so thanks for the ideas while it lasted! And I am sorry you had to see that mess today, I know you might not ever get over that.  But anytime you want to join me in the kitchen I could always take some inspiration! Next time I have a rotten lemon I will be thinking of you.

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