Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cheap Labor Day

Because all my money disappeared on this Labor Day:

(None of my kids were born on Labor day)

This weekend we went to Macaroni Grill with a Buy One Get One coupon, checkout The Dish on their web page for future deals! The manager ended up comping us the meal because we had to wait 40 minutes for our food. We didn't complain about the wait but he wanted to make sure we had a positive time. So thanks Mr. Macaroni Grill Manager!

Saturday we hit the MX track near where we live, my husband bought a year membership for $15 ( not a bad  price at all!) So we head out there as often as we can.

Don't worry I was just taking a picture, I was not actually riding without a helmet.

Sunday I went to our local grocery store because they were taking 9% off your grocery bill, plus they always double coupons that are $1 and under! Love my store!!
 We also went to a friends Church picnic that evening, so dinner only cost me a pack of cookies!

Monday we took the kids to the Zoo, it cost us five dollars and two pints of my husbands blood. Okay, before you get freaked out he donated blood and got two tickets to the Zoo. Than for the kids tickets we got a 50% discount on the kids tickets with my husbands military ID. So five dollars for a couple hours at the zoo, and yes, it was only a couple hours because we forgot the stroller... carrying three kids around all day can wear a person out!

On the way home we got drinks at Sonic during their happy hour! Did I ever mention I hate paying full price for anything?

And than we picked up pizza at Little Cesar's, they have a large pizza for $4 on Mondays! I can't even get a frozen pizza that actually tastes good for that much! We have instituted pizza Monday at our house and we all look forward to it, me because it's a break from cooking and my husband because it's something unhealthy.

So the total cost for a weekend of fun was: $19 + Gas = A happy budget!


  1. Just have to say that sounds like a GREAT WEEKEND and you Granpa C would be very proud of you!!!