Friday, October 21, 2011


I have been absent here for a week and a half and I want to apologize for the random disappearance. No worries I am still here and have not been kidnapped, well maybe my mind was...  I seriously have had very little thought going through my brain or maybe too many thoughts and it shut down.  See what I mean I just having rambling unproductive thoughts... seriously need some sleep I think. Yes... those angry birds have been keeping me up late again.

Actually I have been uber busy, I just started my selling Mary Kay (all those women out there looking to make a few extra bucks should talk to me ;)), my sister was in town to help me get started with the biz, I am helping with childcare with Teen MOPS ( awesome program by the way) and participating in MOPS, Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey (my weekly reality check!), and our weekly Bible study... *wheew* I am exhausted just reading this, too bad I am not super mom.

Seriously, when do the super powers kick in?  The other day I was sharing about how I hate to get up early and that I wished my kids would get up later with a girl who didn't have kids and she says to me," Oh, I thought you just happened when you had kids." I WISH! Wouldn't it be nice if when the baby was ejected it hit a switch and you became instantly filled with energy and looooved waking up at the crack of dawn?

If that switch was flipped all those dark circles under your eyes would be a thing of the past and you wouldn't need 6 pounds of makeup to manage it! Which is also why I started selling Mary Kay because all the concealer and anti-wrinkle creams that I need since having kids were making me broke. And yes, I do have wrinkles...

Pre Kids: ( notice the wonderful skin and eye brightness)

Post Kids: ( notice the bags and not the one I am carrying, oh and the super cute kids!)

My never ending battle of sleep deprivation and beauty... I have such a tragic wonderful life
So yes, I have been absent but that's because I suck at juggling and my brain is fried, so hang with my mortal self as I try to keep up with the super heroes out there! 

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