Monday, October 10, 2011

Slow down...

You may or may not have noticed I was MIA yesterday, if you did notice thanks! If you didn't well... We will just keep moving right along, my husband finally had a real day off yesterday so I wanted to make sure that every moment was spent together. Whether he appreciated me holding his hand while he used the toilet is waiting to be seen, just kidding I did not do that. Though I am rather clingy when he is home (geez, can't a girl miss her boy?). Seriously, I have thoughts of eating tying him up just so he is with me all the time, but than he takes a potty in the bathroom of the number 2 kind and I remember why I am glad he is at work during the day. I am feeling like this extra clinginess is because:
Life seems to be flying by right now and it is really freaking me out. When did my little girl start understanding English  And when did my son learn that his hand is beautiful and that mommy plays way too much angry birds?
Son A finds angry birds everywhere and than informs me of it. Today he said after hearing angry birds mentioned on tv, " What they say Mom? Angry Birds like you?" and he also found an angry birds stuffed animal at the store, "Look Mom angry birds like you play!" Put the angry birds down and step away slowly...

Anyways I know that often forget to just enjoy life and appreciate the time together. So today was all about enjoying life and so this is what my family did today...

It was a fun afternoon... until we had to figure out how to get 2 mud covered little boys home. Having them take a mud bath had not been on the agenda, but we went with the flow and came home with some great memories. 

* Reminder to self: slow down and enjoy life, you only get one.*

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