Thursday, July 28, 2011

What are little girls made of ? Sugar and Spice and Everything nice....

 Unless of course you have two older brothers! My daughter, who we shall call Princess, is at 15 months quite a handful! She has more attitude packed into her little tiny body than most people. Where she got that the attitude from I have no idea... I am the most quiet and reserved person you will ever meet!
My Princess has picked up on quite a few naughty things from her brothers, like tantrums, if things don't go her way she will lay face down on the floor and cry until you try to appease her. Usually, she will throw whatever she "had to have" back at you... talk about drama!

The amount of her stinkiness, as my husband would phrase it, has reached new levels lately.
Today I had to run to the grocery store because I had a full sink of dishes and no dishwasher detergent ( we learned the hard way that you can't use dish soap, talk about bubbles galore!). So I, against my better judgment,  piled all the kids into the car and headed to the local grocery store. This store trip quickly turned in to a nightmare, boys running everywhere causing chaos... And than there was my little Princess, being very un- Princess like, she was unloading my cart just as fast as I was putting things in! She even managed to open a carton of eggs and to dump them into the cart, thankfully they didn't get all over! She also threw my car keys out, which I realized right before we walked away, it would have been so annoying to go on a scavenger hunt at that moment. I finally made it to the register thinking I had managed to get everything on my list and leave the store with only minor damage. Only to find out...
Later in the day my husband came home for a quick dinner before heading back to work, I started to make him a quesadilla and  went to get out the cheese I had just bought... it was nowhere to be found. I knew I brought in all my groceries so I scanned through my receipt to double check I had gotten it, sure enough it never made it to the check out. My sweet little angel, somewhere along the way to the checkout decided we didn't need cheese and threw it out!  It wasn't the end of the world but still super annoying. *sigh* Oh, why do children have to grow up and do naughty things! My trip was only redeemed by the amount of money I saved thanks to my coupons. So here's to all the little girls made of sugar and their spicy little antics!

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