Friday, August 19, 2011

Frugal Friday w/The Road to Debt Free

Good Morning fellow Bloggers!  This morning I have a guest blogger joining us!  My friend over at The Road to Debt Free is here to tell us how she tries to be more frugal.

Hello friends!  This is Ashly over at The Road to Debt Free!   This morning I want to talk to you about how to get yourself organized so that you can save so much money!  Can you imagine a time when you go into a store and don't have to look at an item on sale and say to yourself "crap I have a coupon for that at home"?!  Well I am here you to tell you that it is totally possible!

Yesterday a really fabulous lady who I met when taking a coupon class helped me get together a coupon binder.  It is simply fabulous!  Here is a picture:
It is really easy to make one!  Just take a 3inch three ring binder, some baseball card inserts, tabs for categories or ABCs and you have got yourself a coupon binder!

This binder will save you soooooooooo much money!  You will be able to take your binder with you to the store.  You won't have to take long figuring out if you have a coupon for that awesome item on sale.  You don't have to flip through every single coupon in those little accordian files causing your shopping trip to turn into a 3 hour event.  You also don't have give up the sales because you only brought the coupons for the items on your list!  If you make a coupon binder you will be able to more effectively shop and save money on your grocery bill. Also in other areas too like car maintenance and eating out.

So go out and take advantage of all the school supplies specials and make yourself a binder!  HAPPY SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!

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