Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Terrible one, two or three?

Before I had kids I had heard of the terrible two's but no one told me this could include the time before, during and after two also...I really feel like it should be called the terrible toddler yearsssssssssss. Or maybe my kids are in the minority?

Our terrible years started around 10 months, the boys weren't even able to walk at this point, but they were great crawlers! I had been trying to clean the living room and was watching them out of the corner of my eye, our whole living/ dining room areas was closed off by doors so they couldn't go farther than I could see, or so I thought. I became enraptured in fluffing my couch cushions (I have dreams about having time to do this now) when I noticed the boys were MIA... that's when I noticed the curtains that covered our back door blowing in the breeze. I run over and look out the door to see two little boys completely naked crawling around my back yard!

The boys hit eighteen months and this signaled the end to nap time, instead of finding I would find them in their room playing... and what were they playing with? Their poop. Yes, my children would take off their diapers, pull out the poop and than paint with it. I would have nightmares of being on the nightly news and they would be reporting about " They authorities had to take away the children after finding traces of  feces on the walls and floors...." I would be screaming in the background that they put it there during nap time! Though my children have outgrown the "pull your poop out of your diaper, and play with it phase," I still find myself cleaning up poop from potty training accidents and diaper explosions. I am very excited to get past this phase in our lives! Oh, the joys of parenthood!

There have been so many "incidents" since this time, some of them I have forgotten, and some I just want to forget! Hopefully we all survive the terrible years and can have some good laughs on the other side.

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