Tuesday, September 27, 2011


(This is the best picture I have of the boys Grandma because she never sits down!)

It was a sad day in our house, Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma have left the building. And headed back to their home two-thousand miles away.

There were baby tears as they saw Grandma pull away in the car. And declarations of love," I love me Grandma!" And  promises of a "copter" ride in the future to go visit Grandma. Which they requested we leave for right then, and telling them they had to wait six more weeks only added to the tear fest.

Though it was hard to see the boys so upset ( it was quite the dramatic scene, I believe there is a drool mark on my door now), it was also really neat to see them expressing emotions in a new way! Usually we just get the tantrum because they have no idea how to express themselves. Today I saw tears, very cute whimpering and genuine emotions of sadness.

I just love seeing the kids do new things and developing into loving little boys. There is nothing sweeter than seeing the fruits of your labor pay off.

I have shared here in the past that I often feel discouraged in parenting but moments like these erase my fears. My kids may not be the most well behaved, but they certainly have an overflow of love for others. And that can't be taught with any time out.

The tears have been dried and now the boys are playing a new game of "grandma," which of course includes a story before bedtime...Nothing like a Grandma!

Now I am off to enjoy a clean house with working kitchen drawers and hemmed curtains!

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  1. Goodbyes are so hard for us and the kids. I hope you all had a great visit. It is the one things that military life brings, being far from family. I think that technically this is the closest we have been to family in our entire time in the military ( at least as far as travel time) and we are in the middle of an ocean. I hope you all enjoy your visit in the near future to be with family!