Thursday, September 22, 2011

What gives?!

This is a question that often plays out in my life...

We are trying (rather desperately) to get out of debt, blah blah, save money, work more, which should equal more money to put on debt. It has not, in fact it seems like the harder we try, the more "life" that seems to come up! Even Dave Ramsey says, "that when you have an emergency fund emergencies stop happening." Sorry, Dave but even with my emergency fund emergencies are still happening to me, I am pretty sure you are just rich enough not to notice the cost of a new tire.

Tires have been in fact are latest reoccurring (ours never seem to be once and done) emergency. We decided to get my husband a more gas efficient truck and one that we could pay cash for (which equaled a very used truck)... well it may have saved us on gas, but in the last few months we have had to get 5 tires for it (yes, I said five) and we are about to get number six!

It all started two weeks ago we went to get a flat tire replaced and the tire guy offered us two used tires in "excellent" condition. We said yes when we found out 2 used tires < 1 new tire, not a hard decision ( or so we thought).

Two days later the new used tire blows out destroying the tire well ( GRRRRRRRRRR!!!), thankfully the tire guy replaces the tire free of charge! Two weeks later (yesterday) my husband calls me to tell that the other new used tire is about to blow..... Seriously!?! (It blew up on his way back home)

Helloooo Dave? Yeah those emergencies are coming in like a Tsunami here! Yes, we do have a hill to stand on but the water is lapping at my feet and it makes me very uncomfortable.

And so I wonder, what gives? Do you ever feel like life won't cut you a break, even though you are doing everything "right"?

Sometimes I have to sit back and look at where I was and that reminds me I am making progress, maybe just not in my timing. Maybe for you it's not money but you know that feeling of trying to succeed at something and it feels like you never will. Just step back for a minute and look where you came from, and I think you will find you have made more progress than you thought. Either way don't give up because you will at least have developed more perseverance at the end!

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