Thursday, August 4, 2011

You don't eat what ?!?

All through out my life certain foods at different times have given me problems (I think we will skip the details), and so I avoid them. This surprisingly has given me a lot of grief because I often get pegged as a picky eater, considering this is a society made up of "picky eaters" ( aka Mr. I don't eat anything green) I would think people would be more understanding . I guess if I said I don't eat salad than people wouldn't bat an eye but when you say I don't eat ...
Maybe if I filled you in on what I don't eat you would better understand... I don't eat pig ( this is just pure "I think it's gross and not related to my health"), cow, or really any other kids of red meat... Now you are probably thinking, what is wrong with you, don't you know that red meat is on the food pyramid and must be eaten everyday... actually that is not true protein from a non- lean protein source should really be limited to a couple times a week, as for those veggies you are not eating, you need 5 of those a day!

You may also ask yourself are you some kind of vege... something or other? No, I am not, there are certain things like chicken, turkey and some dairy that I could never give up ( okay, well I could but fake stuff is mad expensive!) and I only don't eat the meat because it makes my tummy hurt. You also maybe thinking I have never heard of anyone not being able to eat red meat, yeah me neither. Ever since I was pregnant with my third child my body has revolted, with the twins I got curly hair and my daughter I got a meat thing....I don't have anything against your hamburger, so don't hate on me because I am eating salad!

So yes this has led me to alternative life choices, like eating tofu burgers and sausage, and turkey burgers or the forbidden meatless dinner. I know a meatless dinner sounds like an insane idea, but I actually can't imagine eating meat every night. Did you also know you can totally make chili with out meat and it's very yummy? Changing my diet towards a more vegetarian one has done great things for my health and also my thighs!

So my point is next time you see some one abstaining from a food you would consider necessary for the average man, unless that man is a crazy hippy, cut them some slack. It may just be that their body can't tolerate it or maybe they think animal slaughter is cruel, either way don't worry about it, no one's asking you not to eat your hamburger!

Just to let you know, there are great meat alternatives and Target often has them on sale plus a coupon. So those fake burgers are not always super expensive, maybe you should give one a try!

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