Thursday, September 29, 2011

A dose of my own medicine

Last week I called Dave Ramsey out in my post and blamed him for my problems (previous post) and I was going to share this morning how I figured out to keep my car and pay it off in a little more than a year.... As I was blogging in my mind I realized how amazing ridiculous my plan was! I was planning on having our family throw away lovingly give me $ 10,000 this year just so I could justify keeping my car plus an additional $10,000 next February. What was I thinking!

I love my car and there is nothing that will be comparable (Sorry, Chrysler even your 300 can't quite compete) but to put $10,000 on my house or in savings would be amazing. We can make the extra payments and we can pay it off in 2.5 years instead of 5 years but what is my gain? A car that is going to depreciate by 5% a year? What if I could be making 5% a year on that money instead and than when I am richer buy another posh car...

What I have had to come to terms with is, How serious am I about getting out of debt? I can push everyone else but I have been lacking the willingness in one very large area. I am feeling like I need to punch debt in the face (the title of one of my favorite blogs right now).

Maybe we will keep the car, maybe God will bless us with the money to keep it or most likely we will sell the car and I will have to swallow my pride so that we can be debt free and living a happier life. And any way it happens I will be okay because it is just a thing and I would rather be storing up my treasures in Heaven anyways. ( But some here on earth wouldn't be too bad either...)

What are your thoughts? Is there something in your life that is holding you back from your last goal?

Take stock of what is important to you and what it will cost to keep it, is it worth it?

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